Nana Yaa Guest House

Providing free WiFi throughout the property, Nana Yaa Guest House is Clear Amazing home away from home and is a great hide out for the business trip, family weekend relaxation and cool hideout for loved ones. The property is located inside Kasoa, 24 km from Interchange few minutes drive from the ECG office. The guest house features family rooms.


Sly-Kob Motors Ltd

Located SUAME MAGAZINE MATHIAS JUNCTION, OPPOSITE B5 PLUS Sly-Kob Motors Ltd, Sly-Kob Motors Ltd service technicians are always there when you need them, no matter when you call or the location of your crew. We maintain and repair removal equipment to ensure you’re always on the road safely, with minimal downtimes.

Our stocks are a wide range of quality products and components to provide your business with convenient options. Our products from countries like USA, China etc and are of good quality to last for your vehicles


Spencam Mining

Over the past couple of years, Spencam Mining has combined in-depth expertise with cutting-edge technology to provide staffing, geological, technological, and vehicular support to the mining industry and is the first name that rings the bells when it comes to mining in Ghana and beyond.

With services available across all our mining endeavours, we work closely with all reputable and regulated bodies to provide the high-quality products and services needed to complete any mineral exploration project - no matter the location, and no matter the scale.


Spencam Farms

The backbone of every economy is Agriculture. The mission of feeding tomorrow is always number on our list. We have over hundred of thousand acres of land in rice, maize and coconut farming.

Today, we have most of our farmlands spread across the couuntry in cities like Kumasi, Accra, Tarkoradi etc and most of its suburds. With continued growth and nearly 10 years in agro business, we pride ourselves on staying true to our mission to feed tomorrow and contribute to growing our country's agricultural sector.


Spencam Sanitation Services

Proper sanitation facilities (for example, toilets and latrines) promote health because they allow people to dispose of their waste appropriately, preventing contamination of their environment and reducing risk to themselves and their neighbors. At Spencam Sanitation Service proper sewage disposal using today's modern technological advacement is what we are into.

We partner with water utilities, national and international institutions, to ensure the safe, reliable, equitable and efficient supply and service delivery of water and sanitation. We do this through innovative pilot projects, international frameworks, and advocacy to improve regulation and policy, including the implementation of today's modern sewage system we have implemented.


Spencam Real Estate Services

Our real estate Group is a group of highly skilled individuals gathered around one idea: we can do things better. Sure, we provide todays building projects for resort and urban developments, but we also bring a little something more to the table. From pre-development consultation through the final sellout or rent out of a building, we remain present throughout each step of the development lifecycle

Together with our clients, we are redefining skylines, molding communities and curating lifestyles. We know, it takes an a great foresigt and imagination to transcend the ordinary and turn an idea into something creative to redefine a style.