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Sly-Kob Motors Ltd - your place all of brands of car spare parts

Located SUAME MAGAZINE MATHIAS JUNCTION, OPPOSITE B5 PLUS Sly-Kob Motors Ltd service technicians are always there when you need them, no matter when you call or the location of your crew. We maintain and repair removal equipment to ensure you’re always on the road safely, with minimal downtimes.

Our stocks are a wide range of quality products and components to provide your business with convenient options. Our products from countries like USA, China etc and are of good quality to last for your vehicles

Sly-Kob Motors Ltd supplies the largest range of brand new Car Lights, Wing Mirrors, Bumpers, Bonnets, Wings, Grilles and Trims to customers all over the cities and beyond. The parts we sell are designed to be an exact match replacement to the parts fitted to your vehicle originally, but at a fraction of the cost.


What defines our services at Sly-Kob Motors Ltd

Quality-assured product development

Each new part and product is thoroughly examined and checked in several steps and finally assembled and tested on the relevant model of moped


Availability and delivery reliability

Our vision is to always deliver what we promised to work on.
At our large warehouse with our technicians to put to work, we almost always have our solutions for your vehicle not just at a guess but a thorough forensics on what works best for you.

A few days is all it takes

In terms of delivery on any order also from our shop, our logistics partner we work with can offer delivery times of just a few days to most all parts of the country.

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