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Spencam Real Estate - Redefining tomorrow's living

Our real estate Group is a group of highly skilled individuals gathered around one idea: we can do things better. Sure, we provide todays building projects for resort and urban developments, but we also bring a little something more to the table. From pre-development consultation through the final sellout or rent out of a building, we remain present throughout each step of the development lifecycle

Together with our clients, we are redefining skylines, molding communities and curating lifestyles. We know, it takes an a great foresigt and imagination to transcend the ordinary and turn an idea into something creative to redefine a style.


Building Wealth Through The Home You Comfortably Wanted...

For over 10 years, Spencam Real Estate has continued to build its reputation for excellence by using a team approach to provide present-day clients with best practices in every phase of the building process. From initial designs through end of construction, clients benefit from the combined expertise of our diverse techincal and professional team. As colleagues working together in-house, their creativity and attention to detail turn process into progress, from initial planning through construction and management of the completed project.

Spencam's team approach generates creative ideas and innovative solutions that result in comfortable, productive work environments and total client satisfaction. Overall, we represent the market’s single-source solution for timeless design, outstanding construction, and comprehensive maintenance.


The approach for a clear vision in real estate business...

Our in-house architects provide a full spectrum of design services from initial site planning through completion. The company has established an enviable reputation for providing effective solutions that result in energy-saving and environmentally friendly buildings designed for long-term use.

Spencam's Real Estate long and successful history in construction includes a substantive blend of form and function in offce buildings, industrial centers, and retail space. By incorporating advanced technology, mechanical systems, security features, and detailed finishes into each project, every building provides the most discriminating tenant with a professional corporate image.


Spencam Real Estate manages and maintains its buildings with an in-house staff that is experienced in project management, technology and the seamless integration of building operations, maintenance and support services. Indoors and out, tenants are assured of a pleasant work environment, efficiently run and effectively managed by a professional staff dedicated to responsive service.

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